Beauty Is Embarrassing – Wayne White

This weekend JP & I spent the weekend at the Mohonk Mountainhouse thanks to a wonderful gift from my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins. We had a lot of awesome adventures, and an even amount of down time and relaxation. On Monday it was a rainy morning so we decided to stay in the cozy room, and watch a movie on Netflix. I was reccommended by Bri Emery of DESIGNLOVEFEST to watch the movie Beauty is Embarrassing – that features the artist Wayne White. Both JP and I went gaga for this guy, that is to say – we went crazy. Below is the trailer to the movie to give you a preview of what to expect.

We both walked away like, “man, I wish I was as crazy as that guy!” and we both realized the similarities between Wayne White and our great friend, John Virga. You can view his work through his websites at either Bovina Brown Bats and DaedalG (a collaborative effort of both John Virga & JP). We love this kind of crazy, and are always trying to continually surround ourselves with artists, and creative thinkers.

Wayne White lives and breathes his art. He sits in his studio day after day and just creates. His wife says, “I know why Wayne makes art…it’s because he has to.”

Beauty Is Embarrassing

JP and I promised each other that whenever we make our next move (maybe even into a house?) that we will each have our own studios – where we can just be left alone to create! We both have our fair share of angst, and sarcasm but keep it tucked away for the sake of “looking good”. Wayne demonstrates how to through censorship out the window! That being said, we are no where near as uncensored as he is, but it is refreshing to see someone just saying the things he wants to say. I don’t know that I feel the need to make paintings that have cuss words all over them, but I do want to tackle more thorny concepts with my art.

Beauty Is Embarrassing

It was reassuring to know that many many others in our community and beyond are looking for that very same thing. We are always just looking for a reason to be crazy, when in reality you never needed one in the first place – just be nuts, be intense, be explosive, and do your thing. We all stop and notice the people who are true to themselves, who just cannot stop creating, who we wish we could be. Be that person. I honestly feel that the very best things are created when the intentions are pure.

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  1. I watched that movie awhile back and my husband and I thought the same thing- man I wish I let myself go crazy like that and not care what people say/do about it. Makes you really appreciate those people who live their life that way. -Alecia with

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