DIY Gifts – Curated by My Full Circle Life

Bellow are some DIY gifts or ideas that I sourced from around the blog and internet world. Unfortunately I cannot share any of my DIY gift projects with you just yet! I cannot spoil the surprise for my family and friends. Please feel free to post links to other DIY gifts you all have come […]

DIY Valentines Day Gift, Happy Valentines Day.

DIY Valentines Day Gift Supplies: Neutral Cardstock from Michaels – $2.00 (i think?) – Click Here. Studio G pigment ink in Red/Maroon – $1 each Thats it!!┬áThe rest came from the heart which is always free. Ok, so I go full on Velveeta cheese when it comes to Valentines Day, because why not? Its the […]

Christmas Gifts!

Johnpatrick got me a sweet romantic Christmas present that is coming soon. He wrote a song and is having one of our favorite artists create it acoustically. Max Bemis is the front man, and lead singer of Say Anything. He runs a song shop at random points throughout the year. We cannot wait to get […]

more DIY memory jars, newly labeled!

This is a super easy project. I already explained to you the concept behind memory jars but incase you didn’t get to read that post you can find it here. Warning, this post gets a bit wordy – but I promise I only wrote the important things (smiley face). The Materials – Any color card […]

A DIY Memory Jar

Many people in the DIY world are also addicts of Scrapbooking. I have tried my hand at this, and this craft truly takes some patients, time, and A LOT of $$. I have moved towards a more physical format of a scrapbook that I call a memory jar. Here is my latest… This jar is […]