DIY Hostess Gift, A Simple Poinsettia – Learn How!

Ok, so its the last day of this Holiday Season and back to work….sigh….I spent a lot of time with friends before and after Christmas and of course Christmas Eve and Day with my wonderful family. One of the best things about getting married is that your family just doubles! I have so many good people in my life, I am so grateful for. They know who they are! Many laughs and moments of reflection this Holiday Season. This New Years was pretty low-key for us, but we like low-key now. This post is about those fun gatherings that you always want to bring something to weather it is a home-cooked dish, baked cookies, or a sweet DIY hostess gift it is just nice to enter a room, house, apartment with something to give. It makes me happy!

DIY Hostess Gift, Plant Gift, DIY, DIY Gifts, Myfullcirclelife, My Full Circle Life

Ok, so I got this plant at my local Stop & Shop they were on sale for the Holidays 3 for $10 which is great considering the amount of end of the year gatherings I was going to be attending. I thought I could spiffy it right up and it would make the perfect hostess gift. I always feel bad walking into a friends apartment empty handed especially when I know they put a lot together for us prior to us arriving.

The only change I made was the pot it is in. That gold foil stuff that it comes in, yuck! just not my style. Now, I happen to be a weirdo and have an overload of pre-painted teracotta pots around. I get mine form the Dollar Store and paint them with any outdoor craft pain that can be found at Michaels. The last step is to spray poly them quickly to make the paint waterproof.

DIY Hostess Gift, Plant Gift, DIY, DIY Gifts, DIY Painted Pot, Myfullcirclelife, My Full Circle Life

Simply slip the plant out of its old holder and drop it into the new pot. Tamp down the dirt, and tie the bow!

DIY Hostess Gift, Plant Gift, DIY, DIY Gifts, Myfullcirclelife, My Full Circle Life

Just tie a simple bow around it with some spare ribbon and voila!! If you want any help in the bow tying department you can head on over to Design Mom blog and check out their tutorial “4 Secrets to Tying a Perfect Bow“, it helped me a lot!

Here is a video on just how quick this process is!

This DIY Hostess Gift project costs in total about $5.o0 and it is sure to put a smile on your friend or family members face! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays!

What gifts have you given lately? Lets start a conversations, tell me what you have given in a comment.


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