DIY Wedding, Bridesmaids Outfits

The next step on my DIY Wedding planning was to visualize the bridesmaids. The whole theme that you will notice as I lay this all out is sort of understated and sophisticated. Nothing to over the top but classic and clean. The scenery is my wow factor. When it came to my bridesmaids dresses I was thinking grey…I asked them to purchase this dress in the color “grey ridge” thinking a warm grey could be nice and neutral. The dresses were on sale when they placed the order $150 with free shipping! When the dresses arrived they were more purple-ish but in person it isn’t so saturated because the dress has a layer of chiffon over it.

DIY Wedding, My Full Circle Life, Jennifer Flagg, Bridesmaids Outfit

So then purple-ish grey became the central color for their outfits. I thought a nice nude or metallic gold shoe could go nicely with the purple and balance out the purple color. The silver apply to the jewelry, and a nice neutral white/beige/soft pink mixed bouquet to really contrast against the dresses.

DIY Wedding, My Full Circle Life, Jennifer Flagg, Bridesmaids Outfit

As for the actual items I made a little mood board to give you a clearer picture. The dress has a high waist fit and nice thick straps which were my  only two requirements when I set out on my search. The high waist was a requirement because it works very well on many different body types which is important considering not all my girls are the same size and shape. I wanted thicker straps because some of my girls need the support to hold them girls up, if ya know what I mean? and also it is just a lot classier when you don’t have to worry about bra straps sneaking out, or having to wear a strapless bra, that is uncomfortable for everyone. They can dance the night away at our DIY wedding without having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

I told my girls to where whatever they have in nude, or gold, or silver if they only have that. I did not want to mandate that they buy any specific style of shoe because shoes can be tricky and again I wanted everyone to be comfortable. Most of them have a pair laying around already so that helps on their budget too. I put a gold shoe up on the mood board because that happens to be my particular favorite.

The earrings here are simple and sophisticated along with the necklace that I may be purchasing as a gift for the girls. This etsy shop Bride Girls has a lot of great options for bridesmaids jewelry, so I am not sure if the ones in the mood board are the final ones but I wanted to give you the idea.

Anyone have any other ideas for my DIY Wedding?? It is starting to all come together, very exciting stuff.


3 thoughts on “DIY Wedding, Bridesmaids Outfits

  1. Jenn!!
    Mood boards are such an awesome idea, I probably should have done that before I went bridesmaids dress shopping, but I think I’m in good shape.

    I want to do a DIY photobooth at my wedding, and there’s so many different ways to do them, but I don’t know which one to pick! I see so many etsy stores with props to buy, but you can rent them at places that have the whole photobooth setup for you. I can’t decide!!

    • Thanks!
      We got your adorable Save The Date the other day! So exciting!

      We are also doing a DIY photobooth-esque thing at ours, it will be more like making a cool backdrop and setting up a tri-pod and what not. We may have our friend make some props – we aren’t sure yet. Or just have a few picture frames for people to play with.

      The decisions are so hard…lol, but fun!

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