Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

This quick little post gives you a small sampling of things to do without spending a lot of money. We all could use some ideas in this area, I know I could!

P.S. – I am working on a Craftskills post for a little later this week. 

My first idea is always to go out to dinner when we are bored…but that $$ adds up! So, I will change this to..

1. Cook a NEW Recipe!

You can see my Pinterest boards titled “Food of Comfort” and “Dessert First, Please!” if you need a little recipe inspiration.

hot cocoa, crockpot hot cocoa, recipe, hot cocoa recipe, Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

Click on the image above to get a sweet recipe on crockpot hot cocoa that will be sure to spice warm up your night putting up the x-mas tree or just watching a good episode of Psych (my new tv show addiction)

2. Research a New Subject

Ok, this may sound crazy but it can really be fun. For example my fiance Johnpatrick is oddly obsessed with the idea of time travel and aliens.

time tunnel, time travel, research fun. Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

He does his fair share of research on the subject and has tried repeatedly to get me to jump on his band wagon. After months of refusing one night we just went for it. I did some fact checking, we watched a documentary on Netflix, we even read the story of a man who claims to be from the year 2035! andddd….. lets just say I am still not convinced. BUT it did result in a lot of laughs and deep thinking. Very fun.

If you wanted to be less insane you could research such things as:

• Coffee (history, where its made, how its made)
• Cars (common repairs that you can DIY)
• Healthy Living Tips
• Weather Patterns
• Culturally Rich Places (Italy, England, Spain)

3. Learn a new skill

Lets face it, we all have some tools or craft supplies lying around the house that we just haven’t had the time to learn or really “practice” with it. We might have used it once in a pinch and then let it sit in the corner. Well, when boredom arises, that is when these tools can come out and get some quality one-on-one time.

For example I have several balls of yarn (unused/unopened) and three sets of knitting needles, one set even has the beginnings of a scarf that will never see the light of day still attached to them. Every once in a while I reminded because Pixel grabs a hold of it and drags it around the house!!! That is how bad it is. I have vowed to myself that one week this winter I am going to practice knitting.

Something like this could be fun..

knit pouches, martha stewart knit pouches, DIY knitting project, Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

Other tools/supplies I would like to spend some time with:

• Dremel
• Embosser
• Stamps
• Mat Cutter
• Jewelry Soldering Tool

4. Take A Photo Stroll Around Your Neighborhood

Whenever I do this it reminds me so much of photo I that I actually took over in Italy while I was studying abroad. I would just take the very long way home and just stroll, and gaze up and down, left and right barely bringing the camera away from my face. While that is a very romantic description because I am enthralled by Italy, and Photography there is a more casual approach too.

Grab your hubby, or boyfriend, or dog, or friend and your camera and set a destination. In my case I usually grab Johnpatrick and el dog and our destination is usually the dog park that is 1.5 miles away. We chat our heads off, and we search for photos. Imagine a frame around whatever you are looking at, that is what I do. I stop whenever I find something good and snap a few pictures. The topic of convo usually switches based on the photo we just took, it just happens naturally. We have had endless conversation about hydrants, house paint colors, shutters, and street signs – its a lot of fun if you feel like using your left side of the brain.

After I typed all this I searched for the phrase “photo walk” to look for a photo to put in here and came across this site… !! Apparently this is a wordwide thing, and there are contests and walk sites all over the world! Who knew?! You should all see if there is a walk near you.

Margaret Smith, Photo Walk, Word Wide Photo Walk, Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

The photo above is taken by Margaret Smith in Vallejo. I know your town may not seem as interesting but I am a firm believer in the fact that there are good photos everywhere!

5. Make Your OWN

I am not talking about your regular old DIY project, I am talking about making your own version of something you would otherwise just buy the brand on. There are tons of detergent, soap, or cleaning supply recipes out there that are just such a good idea, but I never had the time to do them.

You can see my Pinterest boards “Handy Tricks” & “Organshnizing” for some ideas on how to clean up your abode, and make your own products when it makes sense to. I write that last piece because there are definitely some recipes that call for some serious chemicals, that I am just not into. I am not exactly trying to run a chem lab in my kitchen, but I do think the idea of making your own bath salts sounds fun.

diy bath bomb, bath bomb, make your own bath bomb, diy gift, Things To Do Without Spending A lot Of Money

There is an awesome recipe on how to make your own LUSH version of a bath bomb on this site.

That is all for now! I hope you have some things to do now on your next rainy/boredom filled day. Make life fun, and learn a few things that you didn’t!

Do any of you have some go to boredom killers? Let me know in the comments!

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